The 3rd AMPSECA’2018 is a sequel to the previous highly successfuls International Conferences on Advanced Materials for Photonics, Sensing and Energy AppliCAtions held in El Jadida on 2012 and in Agadir on 2017, Morocco. This event will be organized in Evora(*) the beautiful city of Portugal. This International Conference on Advanced Materials for Photon- ics, Sensing and Energy AppliCAtions brings together leading researchers from different disciplines on one platform. This large gathering of academic and industrial researchers will provide in depth information on materials and their photonics, sensing and energy appliCAtions. This event will have empha- sis on energy related issues and will bring eminent scientists and program managers from various funding agencies in the form of plenary speakers and panel discussions. The obtained success of the previous meetings (according to the feedback of the participants) encouraged us to organize this third conference. AMPSECA’2018 will provide a unique opportunity for dis- cussions on the most recent developments and future perspec- tives in the field of Advanced Materials for Photonics, Sensing and Energy AppliCAtions, including biophotonics, by leading Moroccans, Europeans and international researchers. This meeting, without doubt, will stimulate better contacts between PhD students, junior and senior scientists from all over the world and create new space and new opportunities for rein- forcing or starting new international and multilateral collabora- tions. The conference will be consisted of plenary lectures, invited lectures and oral contributions. It should be indicated here that the previous AMPSECA organized in Agadir has attracted more than 400 scientists coming from 40 countries around the world.

(*) Evora is one of the best tourist destinations of central Portugal, it is a delightful city that exudes Portuguese charm and boasts a vast array of fascinating historical monuments. Evora was historically a major trading and religious centre (Evora is considered world heritage by UNESCO since 1986), a former importance that is reflected in the sheer variety of tourist sites, all of which are all conveniently contained within the city’s ancient walls. It is surrounded by the Alentejo, a region of sun-baked olive groves, fortified towns and traditional villages, all of which are a joy to explore from Evora, the city is young and vibrant, with a large student population who attend one of the world’s oldest universities. Therefore, this excellent idea of bringing together scientists from both parts and creating a meeting point seems timely. The obtained success of the first two meeting (according to the feedback of the participants) encouraged us to organize this third conference.







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